Our Story

I, Meenakshi, have lovingly nurtured my family and kids for more than 30 years, through my decently well curated knowledge and understanding of food and traditional cooking methods. Knowing the role of traditional Indian cooking and preservation techniques in imparting health benefits, I have always kept these methods central to our family eating habits. Now it's time to share them with you, my extended family! My kids have always loved my achaars (Indian Pickles), chutneys and everything else, and I hope you will enjoy them equally!

I run this enterprise together with my two kids who have chosen to share their technical skills and worldly experience with me in helping me build AchaarBurst!

All our products are handmade, with ingredients I pick myself, from cold-pressed unfiltered oils, to premium quality spices (sometimes hand pounded) and premium produce.

As you try my creations, I welcome your feedback and ideas and of course, your love!